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Multiforce is an online process management and CRM system. You can track and manage the entire workflow of your company with MultiForce. Thanks to its flexible architecture, it allows you conduct your work much easily by including additional processes and applications to the system that are specific to your company and to your business structure.

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iPOS Loyalty System

iPOS Loyalty System enables your customers to make transactions with or without a card. Those customers who do not have their cards with them can complete their transactions easily and hassle-free for instance with their phone number instead of getting a new card.

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With iPOS TMS (Terminal Management System) you can remotely update and manage all your devices that have Internet connection. The scalable structure of iPOS TMS allows simultaneous management of 500,000 terminals.

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Annual Leave Tracking System is a system developed with cloud information technologies that allows you to meet your company’s needs in relation to annual leaves. You can easily have this system too after completing 3 steps.

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Intranet Portal

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Performance Evaluation System